Patient care

Our Student Clinics and compulsory rotatary internship (C R I) services

We welcome everyone to our clinics, and provide comprehensive and referral dental services. Patients requesting student care are first evaluated by faculty dentists in Admissions. Treatment may be recommended by one of the following providers: students, CRI , or faculty. Excellent dentistry will be provided with all three options.

Pre-doctoral students (dental students): Our pre-doctoral students are carefully supervised by faculty.. Extra time and additional appointments may be required for treatment.

CRI : The College has nearly  60 dental CRI who have graduated from our dental school and are receiving advanced training in  dental specialty. We have post graduate programmes in four departments and will be commencing MDS in all other departments very shortly

 Patient Rights and Responsibilities

Regarding dental care, each patient has the right to:

Be treated respectfully and courteously by students, faculty and staff.

Receive dental care in a safe and secure environment, free from abuse or harassment.

Receive dental treatment that meets the standard of care in the profession.

Receive the information necessary to give informed consent prior to the start of any procedure and/or treatment so you understand the purpose, probable results, alternatives, and risks involved.

Receive reasonable continuity of care -- keeping in mind:

o constraints of the academic schedule

o that care will follow a comprehensive and appropriately sequenced treatment plan

o that goals of treatment vary according to individual needs.

Discontinue treatment at any time and be informed of the medical and dental consequences of your actions.

Expect emergency treatment to be available during clinic hours, with priority given to providing relief of pain and swelling. Afterhours emergency care is available through at our satellite clinics till 4 


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