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Prosthodontics, Crown & Bridge and Implantology 

Prosthodontics is one of the oldest and finest branches of dentistry which deals with the replacement of missing dental and oral structures.

It is very satisfying to be a prosthodontist.A partially or completely edentulous person, or one with other oral structures missing finds himself inadequate to face society, chew or function normally. By learning prosthodontics one learns how to rehabilitate such people and make them more confident citizens.

With the advent of metal free ceramics, Prosthodontics has scaled greater heights. Lifelike restorations are possible with the aid of Dental Implantology which being more of  a prosthodontic modality with a surgical module. Learning prosthodontics helps to develop an in-depth knowledge about  treatment planning and other aspects of dental and oro-facial restorations.

The Prosthodontics department of Royal Dental College has a fully equipped undergraduate section that has been functioning extraordinarily for  the past  8 years. The new venture into PostGraduation is a feather in the cap for the department in particular and the institution in general..

The Postgraduate section spreads over an ample area of about 4000 square feet consisting of a seminar room with latest audio visual facilities, a state of the art air-conditioned ceramic lab which may even  be called “the art of the state” since it is equipped with the most modern facilities that no other college in Kerala state can claim. The lab has Metal Free Ceramic pressing furnace of the most popular company in the world,Ivoclar from Germany with which natural looking E-Maxcrowns/bridges/laminate veneers/onlay /inlay or table tops may be delivered. This is the first machine of its kind and probably may be the only one of its kind among the dental colleges in Kerala. The department has already started delivering metal free restorations to patients.

The Ceramic lab also has a Vita Porcelain fused to metal furnace, and has already delivered more than 6000 units which  includes crowns and bridges.

The lab is also equipped with milling machine from Amman Girbaach of Germany, laser welding machine, Die cutting  and Pindex drilling machine for die preparation, Palatal trimmer,vacuum mixer,palatal trimmer, multicore  pressure pot, high speed spindle  grinder from Ray Forester  to name a few of its most modern gadgets.

Casting is presently done only in Induction casting machine of Biego,  Germany,though the lab also possesses  a functional centrifugal machine.

The implant division of the Prosthodontic facility has a separate fully air conditioned minor operation theatre for the surgical steps with a separate scrub and recovery room. Quality of the implant is in no way compromised, since we possess the most renowned and one of the most time tested implant systems of the world, namely, the Nobel Biocare and Bredent systems. Many implants have been placed and some of them prosthetically restored.

The Prosthodontics department has the credit of conducting an advanced hands-on dental implant training programme on bone expansion ,compaction and ridge splitting techniques by the renowned faculty of the Hilt Tatum Institute and the founder member of the Pankey occlusion Institute,Dr.Stuart .O.Jones from Northampton,UK .Thisprogramme was attended by more than twenty teaching faculty from all over Kerala  under the auspices of the  Forum for Advanced Continuing Dental Education of the  Royal Dental College.

 The department is headed by Professor Dr.Rohit Ragavan  who is an able guide, eminent speaker and a reputed implantologist. Other faculty members are Prof Dr. Shajahan ,Dr Anil Koratu.

Head Of The Department Phone:09880000076



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